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Edgemont Ravine Park Calgary

9401 Edgebrook Blvd NW Calgary T3A 5T6

Phone: (403) 815-3821
Web: https://www.calgary.ca/csps/parks/locations/nw-parks/edgemont-ravine.html

Edgepark Ravine The network of ravines in the northwest section of the city are completely surrounded by the community of Edgemont. The naturalized marsh was one of the first to be constructed as part of the water management scheme in a community development. The community and park were established in the late 1970s. Access to the ravines is available through the parking lot on the east side of Edgebrook Blvd. N.W. Statues in Edgepark Ravine Experience nature in the city Listen for the echo of the sounds of the marsh off the slopes of a steep-sided ravine. Walk along the bottom of the ravine to see how the north-facing slopes hold dense stands of vegetation, primarily willows and aspen, while the dry south-facing slopes are primarily grassland. The marsh is home to a wide variety of birds and other wildlife and the ravines are home to a large number of deer. Plant life The ravines are quite steep, thus providing the growing conditions for a variety of vegetation such as Trembling Aspen, willow, grasses and many species of flowers. When the marsh was constructed, only native species were used giving you the opportunity to see Common Cattails and bulrushes. Wildlife The ravines also provide cover for many species of birds and other animals such as Gray Catbirds, Brown Thrashers, White-tailed Deer and Coyotes. The marsh is home to birds such as Red-winged Blackbirds and Common Coots as well as several species of waterfowl.

Rotary Park Calgary

617 1 St. N.E. Calgary T2E 6R2

Web: https://www.calgary.ca/csps/parks/locations/ne-parks/rotary-park.html

Rotary Park is located on the hill north of Memorial Drive and east of Centre Street in Calgary's northeast and contains an off-leash area, accessible playground and spray park. Park features Spray park Picnic tables Playground areas Washrooms (seasonal) Water fountains (seasonal) Off-leash area Tennis courts (independently operated by the Mount Pleasant Tennis Club) Lawn bowling (independently operated)
About Rotary Park Rotary Park is situated on the hill north of Memorial Drive and east of Centre Street in the northeast. At the south end of Rotary Park is a beautiful vantage point called Jim Fish Ridge. Named for Jim Fish, a long-time parks visionary and supporter.

Prairie Winds Park Calgary

223 Castleridge Blvd NE Calgary T3J 1P6

Web: https://www.calgary.ca/csps/parks/locations/ne-parks/prairie-winds-park.html

Prairie Winds Park is a vital part of Calgary's northeast communities. This large destination park was redeveloped in 2016/2017 with added features including the playscape and upgraded wading pool. Basketball courts Cricket pitch Fitness stations Playscape - with zipline, running bowl & concrete wave Pathways Picnic areas Picnic shelter with tandoori oven Soccer field Tennis courts Toboggan hill Wading pool/spray park - check status Winter skating?

Barb Scott Park Calgary

12 Avenue and 9 Street S.W. Calgary

Web: https://www.calgary.ca/csps/parks/locations/downtown-parks/barb-scott-park.html

Park features The Barb Scott park features an interactive sculpture, Chinook Arc, that was conceptualized and produced by artist team Creative Machines. It was chosen by a panel of five Calgarians, representing both the neighbourhood and the local arts community. Using colour and light, Chinook Arc allows park users to manipulate lighting sequences with the wave of a hand. The interactive and illuminated sculpture creates an identity for the park that is as unique as the Beltline district itself.
About the park Barb Scott Park was named in honour of the late Alderman who served on Council for 24 years. Council approved the name in July 2013. With limited open space in the Beltline, this new public park is a much needed neighbourhood space for Calgarians who live and work in the area and will add to the vibrancy of the community. The illuminated public art piece, Chinook Arc, provides interest while driving down 12 avenue and serves as a beacon of light for this highly visible location.

Confederation Park Calgary

24 Ave. & 14 St. N.W. to 30 Ave. & 10 St. N.W. Calgary

Confederation Park is an urban park in northwest Calgary, Alberta. Confederation Park is developed over an area of 160 hectares (400 acres) between the neighbourhoods of Mount Pleasant, Capitol Hill, Collingwood and Highland Park. 10th Street West bisects the park from north to south. The City of Calgary's Confederation Park Page provides maps of the North Area and the South Area of the park. The park has picnic tables, toboggan hills, cycle paths, tennis courts and baseball diamonds. The park is also a popular destination for couples having wedding pictures taken. The park adjoins the Queens Park Cemetery on the east side by the baseball diamond and tennis courts near Highland Park. There is cross-country skiing both in the park and at the golf course during the winter. Any time of the year the park can be used for geocache searches. Adjacent to the park is the Confederation Golf Course. In winter the golf course is open for cross-country skiing and the park hosts the Lions Club Christmas Light Display in December and January. The park, anchored by the Centennial Golf Course to the west and Queen Park Cemetery to the east, along with other nearby open areas, affords neighborhoods such as Rosemont and Cambrian Heights large amounts of open space.[

Nose Hill Park

5620 14 St. N.W.

Web: https://www.calgary.ca/CSPS/Parks/Pages/Locations/NW-parks/Nose-Hill-Park.aspx

Nose Hill Natural Environment Park lies in the northwest part of the city, surrounded by 12 residential communities. The park was created in 1980 and covers over 11 square kilometres. The hill most likely gets its name from the fact that, from certain locations and with a little imagination, it looks like a nose. Take a hike on the hill, but slow down to appreciate the Rough Fescue grassland that you are passing through. Nose Hill Park contains one of the most significant examples of this grassland ecosystem left on the Canadian prairies. From the plateau, there are vistas including the Rocky Mountains, Bow River Valley and the vast plains to the east.

Riley Park Calgary

800 12 St. N.W. Calgary

Web: https://www.calgary.ca/CSPS/Parks/Pages/Locations/NW-parks/Riley-Park.aspx

Riley Park is a beautiful destination park in northwest Calgary within walking distance from the Kensington shopping district. The park contains a cricket pitch, wading pool and the Senator Patrick Burns Memorial Rock Garden.

Heritage Park Calgary

1900 Heritage Dr. S.W. Calgary T2V 2X3

Phone: (403) 268-8500
Web: https://www.heritagepark.ca/

Heritage Park features over 180 attractions and exhibits that reflect the challenges, lives and victories experienced by the generations responsible for the settlement of Western Canada. In many cases, the houses, stores and machinery at each exhibit are original. Thousands of Western Canada’s historical treasures have been generously donated and relocated to the Park. As an accredited museum, Heritage Park is proud to preserve and share history in a way that lets visitors experience it with all five senses. Our costumed interpreters add another dimension to the immersive historical experience and bring our attractions and exhibits to life. The Park’s attractions and exhibits span Western Canadian history from the 1860s to 1950s, and are situated in four locations around the Park: 1860s Fur Trading Fort and First Nations Encampment 1880s Pre-railway Settlement c.1910 Prairie Railway Town 1930s, '40s and '50s Gasoline Alley Museum and Heritage Town Square Browse the Park’s exhibits below to learn more about where the Park’s vast historical offerings originated and how they came to call Heritage Park home.

Bowness Park Calgary

8900 48 Ave. N.W Calgary T3B 2B2

Web: https://www.calgaryrealestate.directory/communities/bowness.html

Bowness Park is located along the Bow River between Stoney Tr. and 85 St. N.W. A shallow lagoon runs along the along the park's southern edge, a favourite spot for paddle boating in the summer and ice skating in the winter. Bowness Park is highly used for picnicking and accessing the Bow River. Pull out the bikes or rollerblades and hit the trails! Enjoy walking along the river (it will likely be the highest it is all year) and it will hopefully be warm enough to get rid of the gloves and enjoy the playground. Or, break out the soccer balls and get moving after a long winter.

Visiting Parks during COVID - 19

We know our Parks play an important role in both the physical and mental well-being of Albertans. We need your help to reduce the spread of COVID-19 so our parks can stay open, safe and accessible.

  • Continue to practice physical distancing.
  • Don’t visit if you’re sick or were recently exposed to someone with COVID-19.
  • Bring a cloth mask and wear it when you’re near other people.
  • Visit early in the day so you can head somewhere else if a parking lot is full and do not park on the shoulder of roads.
  • Please bring your own hand sanitizer.
  • Leave no trace; pack out what you pack in. This will keep our parks clean and reduce the potential for human-wildlife encounters.
  • Follow the advice of public health experts to protect yourself and others during this pandemic.
  • Be extra cautious and stay within your limits, knowledge, skill and physical ability. Now is not the time to try new activities or head into unfamiliar areas. Continue to avoid high-risk backcountry activities, regardless of your experience level.

  • Calgary Park Pathways, Covid 19 Park Rules

    Calgary Parks Covid 19 pathway rules, covid 19 regulations and etiquette guidelines are in place to ensure the safety of all users and keep our Calgary area parks healthy and sustainable for everyone to enjoy. Please follow them each time you visit. Learn more about parks, pathway safety, community events, attractions, fundraisers have direct and indirect impact on Calgary area communities. They provide opportunities for participation, skills development, volunteering and social, cultural economic and environmental developments. Calgary Parks Special Events help to capture attention and promote attractions and infrastructures. #parksandrecreation, #naturelovers, #hiking, #explore, #wildlife, #covid19 updates, Calgary parks open